Berkman Center Luncheon Series: The Debut of Jazz and Journalism

The Berkman Center hosted the debut of Jazz and Journalism on June 11 as part of their Tuesday luncheon series.

Thanks to all who attended and joined in the conversation, particularly Tom Stites, founder and president of the Banyan Project, who provided an introduction for the event and helped with my thinking in the early weeks of this project.

I’m new to jazz. And though I’ve spent much of the past year thinking about my experiences with journalism innovation, theorizing is new to me, too. But I am certain that there is a thread here, at the intersection of jazz and journalism, improvisation and innovation, that can offer us a way forward.

Many thanks to the Berkman Center, for hosting not only this talk but also for hosting me as a fellow in the 2012-2013 academic year. My gratitude also to the Nieman Foundation for hosting me as a Nieman fellow over the same time period. And a very special thanks to Tom, whose friendship, among the many treasures of the Berkman Center, I so value.

Let’s begin!

Watch the video on YouTube or listen on SoundCloud below.